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Topex SRT-100 Superficial X-Ray systems

Topex SRT-100 SuperficialTOPEX technology is based on several needs requirements for today's superficial systems. The most prevalent is the need for a current dedicated skin cancer treatment device.
Many older systems still in operation are antiquated by today's standards in terms of system operation, long set-up procedures, large space requirements, parts availability and ongoing costly maintenance.

Topex SRT-100 is a well designed, top-quality, unit that is manufactured in the U.S. The system is a mobile, stand-alone, unit with a small 2'x3' footprint that can be installed in an existing CT or simulator room or even a lightly shielded exam room.

The positioning flexibility of the SRT-100 make the unit ideal for head and neck applications as well as wheelchair patients. In addition to being the standard of care for skin cancer treatments, many facilities have installed the SRT-100 to treat patients that would traditionally receive electron therapy on a linac. This frees up their linac for more complex treatments like IMRT and can help manage a busy centers patient load. The Topex unit is also an excellent choice for facilities using a linac without electron capabilities, like a Varian 600C.

Topex SRT 100 Superficial SystemThe SRT 100 has been developed to provide a number of unique operational advantages including:

  • The SRT 100 provides an alternative to surgery and does not require skin grafting or the use of anesthetics.
  • Superficial X-ray is widely accepted for reimbursement.
  • Easy touch automatic set-up procedure with specific kV-mA time technique factors and filter designed for effective skin cancer treatment, including automatic x-ray tube warm-up procedures.
  • Special x-ray applicators that provide visual verification and margin clearance of the treated areas, incl. safety disposal tips.
  • Automatic Warm-Up Modes
  • Automatic Filter Selection
  • Standard Wall Socket Plug-in Operation
  • Specially designed control console for physicists and service technicians providing integrated safety and back-up timer controls, automatic system conditioning procedures, calibration, x-ray output verification and system parameters including last treatment status information.
  • Compact mobile design with a 29"X30" footprint and unique scissor x-ray tube arm movements providing a large range of motion for patient access and treatment.

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If your facility has interest or would like additional information regarding the benefits promised from these technologies, talk to a TRG specialist about cost-effective options that will best fit your needs.