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linacccTRG provides a variety of high-quality digital linear accelerators for you to choose from. We offer previously owned systems that can meet any budget or configuration need you may have. Some of our solutions include the latest technologies for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), or even Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT). Many systems include options such as Multi-Leaf Collimators (MLC) and Electronic Portal Imaging Devices (EPID).

TRG specializes in Varian linear accelerators and can provide turnkey options that include installation and service directly from the OEM. We also have experience and expertise dealing with other brands of medical linear accelerators, including: Elekta and Siemens.

Our inventory is constantly changing. Please call us for current availability and details on any systems of interest. We encourage you to put us to work early on in your process which will allow you the best selection of systems. We are comfortable with long lead times and often work with facilities 6-12 months in advance of their scheduled changes.

Some of the most popular models we buy and sell include:

Mfg. Model Photon Energies Electron Energies
  Single Energy Systems    
Varian Clinac 600C & C/D 6 MV none
Varian Clinac 6EX 6 MV none
  Dual Energy Systems    
Varian Clinac 2100C & CD Dual energy 6 & 10/15/18 MV 6-18 MeV or 6-20 MeV
Varian Clinac 2300C/D Dual energy 6 & 15/20/23 MV 6-24 MeV
Varian Clinac 21EX Dual energy 6 & 10/15/18 MV 6-18 MeV or 6-20 MeV
Varian Clinac 23EX Dual energy 6 & 15/20/23 MV 6-24 MeV
  Other Systems    
Elekta Precise Multiple Various
Elekta SL Dual or Single Energy various
Siemens Primus Dual Energy various
Siemens MD-2 or KD-2 Dual Energy various

TRG also sells older analog linear accelerators upon request. These include Varian low-energy accelerators (Clinac 4/80, 4/100, 6X, or 6/100), high-energy accelerators (Clinac 18 or 20), and dual-energy accelerators (Clinac 1800 or 2500). Please call for more details.

If you are interested in selling your current linear accelerator, please fill out our linear accelerator questionnaire.

IMRT & Multileaf Collimation

TRG can help configure your accelerator with a multileaf collimator for use in block replacement or IMRT. A variety of MLC and IMRT solutions are available including inexpensive compensator based solutions like .decimal, Varian 80-leaf & Millennium™120-leaf collimators or third party add-ons.

IGRT Solutions

IGRT allows for better beam placement during IMRT treatment delivery. Investment in the technology needed to achieve the positioning accuracy required can be recouped by the additional re-imbursement opportunities they provide. Ask TRG about the IGRT solutions available.

Electronic Portal Imaging devices:

A PortalVision system uses the latest technology to produce the high-quality MV images needed for accurate patient positioning and tumor localization. A fully retractable arm provides a wide range of movement, facilitating setup for complex treatment techniques.

OBI: On-Board Imager:

Up to now, radiation oncologists have had to contend with variations in patient positioning and with respiratory motion by treating a margin of healthy tissue around the tumor. IGRT allows doctors to locate the tumor while the patient is in the treatment position, and minimize the exposure of healthy tissue during the radiation treatment.

The On-Board Imager, an automated system for image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT), enables clinicians to obtain high-resolution X-ray images to pinpoint tumor sites, adjust patient positioning when necessary, and complete a treatment, all within a standard treatment time slot.

If your facility has interest or would like additional information regarding the benefits promised from these technologies, talk to you TRG specialist about cost effective options that will best fit your needs.